There are people who like the new WordPress block editor and many who prefer the classic version (before the days of Gutenberg).

unBlock is designed to be compatible with both, but there is one feature we added to this theme—the ability to disable block styles. Enabling this in the customizer will prevent block styles associated with this theme to not load.

However, this won’t entirely remove Gutenberg elements, so, if you really want it all gone, there is a plugin you can check out.

Disable Gutenberg

A plugin appropriately named “Disable Gutenberg”, by Jeff Starr, can be used. If you absolutely want all Gutenberg stuff is gone (disabled), you can download this plugin from the WordPress website.

You will also want to install the Classic Editor plugin and the Classic Widgets plugin, as well.

Disable Gutenberg in unBlock

The first preference is to disable unBlockstyles that are associated with the block editor. Second, I would recommend using the plugins that I mentioned above. But for this theme, let’s disable the styles first.

screenshot showing the unblock disable Gutenberg blocks and styles setting
  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Other Options
  2. Look for the Disable Theme Gutenberg Elements setting, and then toggle it to blue for enabling.
  3. Click the Publish button.