When you see the live demo for unBlock, you will notice a banner image with an overlay caption. It might look something like this:

I will show you how this is created…

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets
  2. Drag an Image Widget into the Banner sidebar position.
  3. Add an image either by uploading or getting one from the Media Library. When you get your image, add a caption to it. Now add/insert this image into your widget
  4. Click the Save button.

Show Only on the Front Page

WordPress will automatically show this widget on every page of your website that has this sidebar position. Unfortunately, WordPress does not have the option to let you show a widget on a specific page–in this case, the front page.

To solve this, we need a plugin that allows us to manage where we want widgets to be seen (and not seen). We wrote an article about this a while back in time, which you can read here:

How To Show Or Hide Widgets On Specific Pages With WordPress

We recommend trying out the Widget Options unless you are using Jetpack.

Using the Widget Options plugin, this is what our banner (image widget) setup looks like and how to publish it only on the front page.

screenshot showing the image widget used for our banner and caption while showing it on the front page only.

NOTE: Make sure the “Show on Checked Pages” is selected on the dropdown field.

screenshot showing how to hide the widget title

Hide The Widget Title

If you want to hide the widget title, or any widget when using the Widget Options plugin, the above screenshot shows how to do this.