Many people using WordPress with third-party plugins or themes can sometimes encounter a bug or error. This can happen right after performing an update or installing a new plugin. In most cases, this can be a conflict with a recent change.

The most common method to debug what happened is:

  • Deactivate Plugins – Activate each plugin one-by-one until the issue happens again. This helps located the rogue plugin (providing that it’s a plugin issue).
  • Reverse Changes – If you made any change to your website theme or content, did the issue happen right after that? If so, try reversing/restoring everything before you made those changes.
  • Enable WP DEBUG – Turn on WP Debug in your WordPress wp-config file to display any errors.
  • Activate a Default WordPress theme – To find out if it’s a theme issue, activate a default WordPress theme. If the error or bug still exists, then we know it’s not a Rough Pixels theme issue.
  • Try Restoring a Backup – After trying everything possible and the issue still exists, try restoring your website with the most recent backup before any problem started. I would normally say this is a last resort.