With Prologe, you can utilize the included front page cover template which gives you a photo backdrop⚊like the demo site shows. Your front page template utilizes the WordPress Custom Header Image feature which gives you the option to have 1 or more photos. If you upload additional images, you can have them randomize when loading.

By default, this theme comes with a photo (see the screenshot above), but you can disable it or change it.

  • Go to Appearance > Header
  • Take note that your images should be larger and better quality photos. The cropped size will be 1920x1200 pixels

Setting Your Image Header(s)

  1. Your default image
  2. Current live image
  3. If you add new images, they will appears in the column with your default photo
  4. To randomize your photos each time the page is refreshed or visited, click on the Randomize Uploaded headers button
  5. Click the Publish button
screenshot demo Prologe front page header image