The Natured theme has several customization elements that you can change. You can choose how the sidebar elements are organized, the width of the side column, and even change the position of the sidebar from the default left to be on the right of your window.

screenshot of the sidebar column as the main site title with background photos
The Left Sidebar column can also be switched to the other side
  • Go to the Appearance > Layout Options.
    1. In the drop-down for Sidebar Layout, select the layout you want to use.
    2. For the drop-down for Sidebar Position, select the position (left or right).
    3. Then the drop-down for Sidebar Width, select the width of the sidebar in percentage value.
  • Click Publish button.
screenshot of the side column settings for Natured

With Natured, you have a lot of flexibility with the sidebar column when it comes to the background image option. This feature is actually the WordPress Background Image function that we simply used for the sidebar.

By default, you get a green maple leaf photo that you can use, or you can change it to one of your own. You have the option to have a standard photo throughout your website or have a different one for each page, post, and category.

screenshot of the side column with the option to show different photos

For all pages

The Background Image setting is your global sidebar image that will show across all pages throughout your website. Whatever you set here, every page will have it unless you set a different photo on the page or post editor screens.

screenshot of the background image setting
  1. Go to Appearance > Background
  2. You can click Remove or  Change Image in the Background section. If you change it, you can either upload or select an image from your Media Library.
  3. Set the background properties that best suits your image:
  4. To change the transparency of blackout overlay, use the range slider to adjust the level of transparency. Please note this is a global setting, so this will affect all pages.
  5. Click the Publish button.

For Individual Pages or Posts

Even if you have the For all pages option, you can set custom images on a per-page or per-post basis. Adding a new side column image on individual pages or posts is just like adding a Featured Image.

screenshot for a page column photo setting before uploading
screenshot for a page custom column image after uploading
  1. (Option 1) Go to Pages (or Posts) > Add New
  2. (Option 2) Open an existing page or post.
  3. Scroll down the right side of the editor until you see the Sidebar Image box:
  4. Click the Set Background Image link.
  5. Upload a new image or select one from your media library, and click the Choose image button
  6. Click the Publish button.

For Categories

In addition to pages and posts, you can also add a sidebar column photo for individual blog categories. This tutorial will show you how to create a new category; you can also edit an existing category.

  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Go to Posts > Categories 
  3. Name your new category.
  4. Type your category slug; add a hyphen for multi-word category names. For example, lifestyle
  5. Set the parent category if you are creating a sub-category.
  6. Write out a short category description.
  7. Below the category description field is a background image option.
    Click the Set a background image button.
  8. Click the Add New Category button.
screenshot showing how to create a category with the column image setting

Edit an Existing Category

You can also edit an existing category, either by replacing a photo or adding one.

screenshot showing how to edit the column photo for categories
  1. Go to Posts > Categories 
  2. Open an existing category.
  3. Just below the category description field is a background image option.
    Click the Set a background image button or Remove and add a new one.
  4. Upload a photo or get one from your media library.
  5. Click the Update button.