Thank you for choosing the Kubrick 2024 WordPress theme. This guide is divided into several sections to help you seamlessly install and configure your theme, as well as to introduce you to the enhanced features of the premium plugin version.

We’ve strived to make these tutorials as user-friendly as possible. Should you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improving the theme or this documentation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Premium Version

In a significant shift from our previous themes, the premium version of Kubrick 2024 introduces a new approach to accessing advanced features. Instead of upgrading to a premium theme, you will now enhance your experience through a plugin. This change means that upgrading to the premium version is as simple as installing a plugin, streamlining the process, and seamlessly integrating with your existing setup.

Kubrick 2024 – Free

The Kubrick 2024 theme also comes in a robust free version, packed with essential features that are ideal for those just starting out or for users who require a straightforward, efficient WordPress theme. This free version is designed to provide a solid foundation for your website, ensuring ease of use and a smooth, intuitive experience.

As you grow more familiar with the Kubrick 2024 theme and require additional functionality, you might find our premium version appealing. To accommodate this, we’ve added a convenient upgrade option.

Look for the ‘Upgrade to Premium‘ button below.

How to Begin

FREE Version:
To get started with the free version of Kubrick 2024, simply install and activate it on your WordPress site.

PREMIUM Plugin Version:
If you’re upgrading to the premium version, ensure that the free version is already installed and active. Then, proceed to install the premium plugin, which enhances the theme with advanced features.

Set Up Tutorials

Our tutorials are organized for your convenience. To avoid redundancy and enhance clarity, we’ve categorized them into specific sections. You can easily locate these tutorials either on our Support Home page or in the left-side column of this page.

We recommend beginning with the Common Setup section, which guides you through the theme installation process. If you’re a premium user, your next stop should be the License Key Management tutorials.

This is crucial for enabling theme updates and accessing priority support.