We decided to take advantage of custom fields within the Glaciers theme. Generally, for pages, your page header will normally consist of a title. You also have the option to add a page excerpt that gets displayed right below the title, like this:

screenshot showing a basic page title with an excerpt added

However, we can expand on our page headings with a little more flexibility. Sometimes you might want to have a long title but not for the page itself. For example, here is one we made where the title is much longer and has some colour added:

screenshot showing what a custom heading can do.

Creating Our Custom Header

With the page that you want to add a custom heading, have it open in your editor

Next, we need to create a new Custom Field named: Custom Heading

    screenshot showing the custom fields option.

    Now, we need the value (the actual heading) that will replace the original page’s title. In the value field, we can add something as we did for the example:

    screenshot showing our custom heading with html for adding colour.
    Combining <span>Ingredients</span> and <span>Creativity</span> to make delicious food.

    Notice that we can add HTML code? We added the <span> tags around the words we want to have colour. This theme already has the colour being applied to any <span> that exists in your custom heading.

    Save or Update your page and you should see your new custom heading.

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