We’ve given you a nice feature with pages by letting you add custom excerpts to your page titles. You can use page excerpts as a way to provide a page introduction as a segue to your main content.

screenshot showing a demo of the page excerpt

To add an excerpt to a page, you want to make sure that the Excerpt box is displayed. If not, and if you are using the Classic Editor, go to your Screen Options tab at the upper right of your screen. Check the box next to Excerpt.

screenshot of the Screen Options tab when on a page in the classic editor
Page Screen Options – Classic Editor
screenshot of the classic editor excerpt field for pages
Excerpt box – Classic Editor

If you are using the block editor, your excerpt box will be in the right column under the tab for Excerpt.

screenshot for the page excerpt box in the block editor
  • For the classic editor Excerpt box, type out what you want as an intro.
  • For the block editor Excerpt box, type out what you want your excerpt intro to display
  • For existing pages, open your page up in the editor and then add your excerpt.
  • Click the Publish or Update button