Although Definite is not a theme built around WooCommerce, we wanted to let you take advantage of setting up your own storefront. All you need to do is install and activate WooCommerce and then go configure the settings this theme has for it.

You can view the live demo of a WooCommerce shop when used with the Definite Pro theme.

screenshot of part of the WooCommerce shop when installed with Definite Pro

When you activate WooCommerce, this theme is set up so that it enables the WooCommerce sidebar position for widgets.

screenshot of the added WooCommerce sidebar position in Definite Pro

t also adds more theme options in a sub-section found inside the WooCommerce tab in the customizer.

screenshot showing the added customizer tab for configuring WooCommerce as part of the Definite Pro theme

Inside this options tab are settings that relate to this theme:

  1. WooCommerce Layout — Display your shop in 1 of 3 layout choices.
  2. Products Per Page — Decide how many products to display in your shop page.
  3. Shop Columns — Decide how many columns to display products in the shop view.
  4. Gallery Thumbnail Columns — For your single product view, you can choose how many thumbnail columns to show.
screenshot for the Definite Pro WooCommerce settings from the customizer

Here is an example of your single product view with a gallery:

screenshot of a product details page with a gallery for WooCommerce