Our themes have basic support for the new Block Editor (part of the Gutenberg concept). Not everyone wants to use it, so if you prefer to use the Classic Editor, this tutorial will guide you through it.

Rough Pixels has a featured article detailing more about How to Disable the WordPress Block Editor if you want nothing to do with Gutenberg.

Disable it With Plugins

There are new plugins that let you disable Gutenberg and the block editor while giving you back the Classic Editor:

  • Classic Editor – A plugin that lets you add the classic editor back into your WordPress and give the option to use either one.
  • Classic Editor Addon – This one is meant to compliment the Classic Editor plugin, albeit, optional.
  • Disable Gutenberg – A plugin that literally disables Gutenberg, or you can disable select elements of it while adding in the classic editor. Ultimately, this is a COMPLETE solution that hides all traces of Gutenberg while putting the Classic Editor back in.

IMPORTANT: Our WordPress themes support the block editor, but if you decide to disable it in favor of the classic editor, the block features may not be available.


As an alternative to WordPress, ClassicPress is available and there is no block editor or Gutenberg in it. Rough Pixels is building themes for ClassicPress without any block styling and made for the classic editor that everyone is familiar with.