When you view the live demo for Clarified, you will notice there are some pages with banner images.

screenshot demo of a page featured image banner

They depend on what type of page you are on:

  • The Front Page – This is the WordPress Custom Header Image feature; it shows only on the front-page
  • Page Featured Image – When you add a featured image to a page, they become banner images.

To ensure that you have the best-looking featured images, I recommend using quality photos that have large enough and sharp-looking quality. I would also recommend optimizing them if their file size is huge. It’s a balance of quality and file size that is important.

For the Premium version of Clarified, you get one added option to the Header Image tab in the Customizer. You can adjust the height of your page and header image banners.

NOTE: This will affect all header images, including the page-featured image.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Image
  2. Look for the Header Sizing section and use the slider to change the image header height. Click on the round arrow at the end will put it back to the default size of 25.
  3. Click Publish when ready.
screenshot for the height setting for the banner, header image, and featured page images in Clarified