If you are familiar with the WordPress Header Image feature, then this will seem familiar. Biggy uses this for the custom front page that you see on the live demo site. Although it loads by default when you first install this theme, you can remove the image. For this theme, here is what the default setup looks like on our front page:

screenshot demo of the front page banner for Biggy

Note: We also have the theme set with the site title and site description (tagline) centered in the middle.

Header Image Setting

Your front-page banner is actually using the WordPress Header Image feature. With it, you can upload additional banner images and set them to randomize each time the page is refreshed or visited.

  • Go to the Appearance > Header.
    1. The default image is loaded, but you can click the Hide Image button to remove it.
    2. Add more images or a different image
    3. The current header photo is shown
    4. If you upload additional photos, you can click the Randomize button to reload a different image on page refresh or each time you visit the front page.
    5. Click the Publish button.
screenshot for the banner settings - WordPress Custom Image setting

Because this is a larger image, we recommend using large-good quality photos. When you upload a photo, it will be cropped to 1600×1200 pixels. The reason we made the crop so big, is because there will be people who will change the header height to be 100% from top to bottom—a type of splash page.

Change the Banner Height

By default, when viewing this theme on a desktop monitor, the image will be 80% of the browser window in height. However, you can adjust this to be shorter or even go full height of the window.

  1. Go to the Appearance > Theme Options > Other Options
  2. Look for the height settings and slide the indicators while previewing the changes in the customizer. You can adjust the height for desktop, tablet, to the phone.
  3. Click the Publish button.
screenshot for the banner height adjustments

The only caveat is that this height setting (option) is global, which means all pages with a cover image will be resized too. We are planning to change how this feature works to make it more efficient and separate the front page, posts, and pages to be individual.