In Amble (pro), create consistent thumbnails for your blog post—in our case, depending on the blog layout you choose.

Amble includes thumbnail settings that you can enable for the blog layout that you choose. The idea behind this is to create a visually consistent look and style for your website.

Normally, you can set thumbnail sizes from your WordPress settings in Media. However, the problem with these settings is that they are enabled all the time. In Amble, you can disable the thumbnails that you don’t want.

A long story short, whenever you enable a thumbnail size, every image you upload will be generated using that size. It’s best to keep this function as limited as possible to prevent your media from getting filled up with tons of image thumbnails that don’t get used.

We wrote an article titled What you need to know about WordPress post thumbnails that sheds some light on thumbnails.

Create Thumbnails Based on the Blog Layout

Should you decide to use cropped thumbnails for blog posts, you can set your thumbnail preference:

screenshot showing Amble thumbnail settings for posts

The above screenshot shows the Thumbnails for the Center Blog Layout being selected. This gives us consistent sizes for each post we publish when we choose that blog layout.

Cropped Sizes

Here are the cropped sizes for each choice above:

  • Default – No cropping. What you upload is what you get.
  • Grid Layout – Size will be 500x500
  • List Layout – Size will be 550x550
  • Center Layout – Size will be 960x640
  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Thumbnail Options.
  2. Choose the thumbnail that you want to use.
  3. Click the Publish button.

NOTE: When you choose the cropped thumbnail of your choice, this takes effect on every “new” image that gets uploaded. If you want to apply this to existing images, we recommend using the Generate Thumbnails plugin. Also use this if you decide to change your blog layout.

Remember that for every image you upload, a cropped version of that gets created/duplicated; even if not being used for the specific usage.

Miscellaneous Thumbnails

In addition to the post thumbnails, you can also create thumbnails for a couple of other elements.

  • Recent Post thumbnails – Size will be 80x80
  • Related Post thumbnails – Size will be 500x350

If you plan to use either one, we recommend enabling these. Again, this is to provide consistency in sizes. You will find these settings in the Thumbnail Options section of the customizer.

When Not to Use the Above Settings

If you are someone that uploads your images pre-cropped, you can ignore the above settings. This can save a significant amount of space on your host server and keeps your media folder in smaller size.

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