Amble (pro) lets you create a post slider, giving you the option to showcase blog posts. We’ve included the Bootstrap Carousel as the slider but made it easier to generate your slides by using a menu. By default, this slider/carousel will only show up on the blog home page.

Screenshot showing how to Create a post slider

As a side note, we recommend keeping the number of slides to a minimum to ensure your page loads faster. Sliders are notorious for slowing down your page loading because all slides are loaded at the same time.

We won’t go into the full tutorial about how to create menus in WordPress; we will assume you know this already. Basically, we are making a menu for the slider to work.

screenshot showing the initial settings for creating an Amble post slider with a custom menu
screenshot showing the steps of creating the slides
  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Create a new menu and call it Featured Posts (or whatever you want).
  3. Start adding posts from the posts list to be your slides.
  4. Click the Create Menu button.

Create the Slide Content

  1. Add a slide title – This will be the front-end slide title of the post
  2. Ensure the “first” menu item has class active inserted
  3. Write a brief intro (excerpt) for your slide
  4. Click the Save Menu button.

The Class and Description fields are Missing

If you are using the classic editor, these two fields might not be showing. In the upper right corner of your admin area is a tab titled “Screen Options“.

screenshot showing the WordPress screen options tab for the menu item settings

Click on it and then check the boxes next to the Classes and Description options. Now, these will show up on your menu item settings.

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