An additional feature for Alurra Pro is having a featured image as your header. Your page title will then sit on top of it.

You have a few style options that you can choose from:

showing a page featured images as a header background
Featured Image as the Header
screenshot showing the page featured image as a header and also displayed in the content
Featured Image as a header and an uncropped version above your content
screenshot showing the Page Featured Image as the standard layout style
Page Featured Image as the standard layout style

Featured Image Settings

Whatever you set here, this will be global. This means that this will be applied on every page that has a featured image.

screenshot for the Alurra page settings related to the featured image
  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Page Options
  2. Look for the Show or Hide Settings group.
  3. Set your image as a header by clicking the toggle (blue means it’s enabled) and then hide the standard featured image if you just want it to show in the header (or both).
  4. Click the Publish button.