This is more of a WordPress feature, but Alurra gives you the option to display a Custom Header Image.

You also have the option to disable it if you want to use just the basic header style (no image), or you can choose to show the header image just on the front page.

screenshot showing the custom header image on the front page
The Front Page showing the Header Image
screenshot showing the header with no header image
No Header Image

One additional feature that you get with this, is the option to upload additional header images and have them change each time the page is refreshed. They will also change as visitors come to your website.

screenshot showing the custom header image settings

If you want your header images to only show on the front page, you can do that with Alurra.

screenshot of the settings to show the header images only on the front page or all pages
  1. Go to Appearance > Header
  2. From here, you can hide the default image or upload your own. If you want additional image headers, you can click on Add new image for each one you want to add.
  3. When uploading additional images, you can click on Randomize suggested headers button. This will randomly load the header images you have uploaded.
  4. To just show the header images on the front page only, click the toggle switch next to Display only on the front page. Blue means this is active.
  5. Click Publish at the top when done.

NOTE: If you enable this option to show only on the front page but still show on all pages, disable it, save it, then re-enable the front page toggle.