To give your page visitors a quick introduction, the Alurra theme makes use of the WordPress excerpts feature. Make simple intros or write something that details complimentary content to your page.

The page intro (excerpt) sits just below the page’s main title.

screenshot showing how page intros are displayed with Alurra

To add an intro excerpt to a page, you can create a new page or open an existing page into your editor:

  • When creating a new page, go to Pages > Add New
  • In the block editor Excerpt box, type out what you want your excerpt intro to display
  • For existing pages, open your page up in the editor and then add your excerpt.
  • Click the Publish or Update button

The location of the excerpt box (field) will depend on if you are using the block or classic editor. For the Block editor, you will find it in the right side column of the open page editor, labeled as Excerpt:

screenshot showing the block editor excerpt box field

For the Classic Editor, this will be displayed just below the main content editor area:

screenshot of the excerpt box field in the Classic Editor for WordPress

NOTE: If the excerpt box is not showing in the Classic Editor, you need to go to the upper right and click on the Screen Options tab and then click the box next to Excerpts.

screenshot for the WordPress screen options tab