The Alurra theme gives you 3 full post layouts while the premium gives you 10 layouts:

  • Classic Right Sidebar
  • Classic Left Sidebar
  • Centered – No Sidebars
  • Banner (pro)
  • Banner Left Sidebar (pro)
  • Banner Right Sidebar (pro)
  • Showcase (pro)
  • Showcase Left Sidebar (pro)
  • Showcase Right Sidebar (pro)
  • Minimal (pro)
screenshot for the Alurra full post layout setting
  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout Options > Layout Options
  2. Look for the Post Layout setting.
  3. Click the Publish button.

Pro Version Styles

Alurra Pro offers additional layout styles (see the list above). For example, the Showcase layout will give you something like this:

screenshot showing the pro version of Alurra using the Showcase Right Sidebar layout

The Showcase Right Sidebar (the above screenshot) takes the featured image and adds it to the header area as a background photo. Your post title and details will be placed on top/centered.