Although the font (typography) options in Alurra are not extensive, we give you a few basic ones to get you started. We focused on headings and the main content font (text).

Primary Font – Your Main Body Text

We’ve made this a simple concept for this theme, starting with the main body text (font). Changing this setting will change the font for the body.

screenshot for the primary font setting in Alurra

Make your selection from the drop-down setting. We use Google Fonts here, so you can reference the Google Fonts website to select the font you want.

Secondary Font – Your Headings

Just like the primary font, here you will choose the font for your headings and titles. These are headings such as your h1h2h3h4h5, and h6, but also, for your page and post titles.

screenshot for the secondary font setting in Alurra

Font Size

This setting is global, meaning that this will change the font size for “ALL” text on your website. Try it out and if you want to reset it, click on the reset icon on the far right of the slider.

screenshot for the font size setting in Alurra

Change Your Fonts and Sizes

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Typography Options
  2. Look for the font settings and then make your changes.
  3. Click Publish at the top when done.

Helpful Font Info Links

  • Fonts Information: If you need to learn more about fonts and typography, we recommend you start with the W3Schools website for Fonts.
  • Text Styling: They also have information about CSS Text.
  • Google Fonts
  • Languages: This is probably the most confusing part, is the “Languages” support, so language support info might help.
Do You Still Need Help?

If you find this is overwhelming, or you have some text that you are trying to change the size of, please visit the support forum and we will be happy to help guide you through.